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A Chance For Awareness

Detective Heidi Chance is a retired law enforcement professional with over 25 years of experience. She has worked as an undercover and investigator fighting against sex trafficking.  She is passionate about sharing awareness to the community about what they can do to fight sex trafficking.  She shares with other law enforcement professionals how they can fight the problem using proactive undercover operations and getting successful cases for prosecution. She has created specific law enforcement training and coaching programs.

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    Sheila Schmidt-Turkington, LEED AP


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Attended Heidi’s trafficking talk at the JUST Conference, and it was awesome. Lots of real world application and narrative. She didn’t skimp on the realities and frustrations of the case studies — I can’t stand the talks where the speaker glosses over the crappy parts of casework. I felt encouraged meeting another sister in the trenches of this very hard work we do. Thank you, Heidi, for what you do!

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